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Nicole grew up the youngest of three in a small city just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. A competitive figure skater from an early age in a single income family, she spent most of her spare time training, or outdoors camping and enjoying the amazing mountains her native B.C. offered.

Her first taste of set life came on a locally shot commercial at the age of fifteen. Two weeks following the shoot she had her mother, armed with a determined grandmother, drive her to the agents home and wait in the car as she sat herself down in the woman's living room to confess her commitment to a life in film. Off to the Vancouver Film School she went to train under the skillfull hand of Mikal Dughi and private coaching of Bart Anderson.

While young and lacking life experience, growing up took the front seat to her acting career in the years that followed. After dipping her toes in several other fields a life in policing remained her top choice.

In 2006 a series of fatefull events led Nicole to Toronto, Ontario where she would soon rediscover her love of acting and dream of making movies. " Two weeks after landing in Toronto I booked my first commercial and realized this city was going to be my home for more than a few months..". A series lead and several other T.V roles, independant movies, commercials, and short films followed.

Despite her initial success, 2011 proved to be a difficult year with the loss of her best friend to breast cancer. It was decided at that point that some personal time off was needed to heal and do Nicole Williams Biographysome soul searching. "I spent a year and a half getting out and exploring ontario's wilderness. I camped, spent time with my dog, and came to terms with what's important in life and what makes me feel alive."

"Acting is in my blood.. I love losing myself in roles to the point of being unrecognizable. I love the drama of it all.. The magic of being on set and those special moments between 'action' and 'cut' are what make the struggle worth it."

Looking forward at the rejection that inevitably lies ahead, Nicole remains focused on her goals and says that every 'no' along the way will strengthen her for when her time comes. " I'm a fighter.. at this point, giving up is not an option. Life is just too short."

Nicole Williams

Film & Television

Forbidden: Dying For Love 3 The
Book of James
Forbidden: The Amina Saiid Story

Paranormal Witness

Close Encounters

Paranormal Witness

Revelation- Mini Series
Moment of Truth
Web of Lies


The Perfect Scent
Running Away
Outlaw Bikers
Don't be Oblivious
Forensic Factor
Change of Heart
Urban Legends 2
Stuck / Episodic
Beach Club Babes/Pilot
Pulp / Short Film
Blackout / Short Film
First Sight / Short Film
Night Study / Short Film
Danger Bay







Series Lead
Series Lead
Sean Grundy/Blast Films/Cream Productions
Harry Hewland/Cream Productions /Discovery ID
David Bartlett/Cream Productions/Raw Films
David Weaver/Leo Rising Entertainment/Discovery
Sebastian Smith/Cream Productions/Raw Films
Mark Lewis/Testament Films UK
Uber Media
Harry Hewland / Cream Productions/ Discovery US
Alex Nikolic-Dunlop / BK3 Productions Inc.
Mathew Carvalho/Real to Reel Films
Julie Webster/TooFarFilms
Michelle Metivier / History Television
Joseph Park / Film Possible
James Rait / CTV
Mathew Carvalho / CBC
John Griffiths / A&E
Christine Alevizakis / W Network
Nikila Cole / Corus Entertainment
Timothy Steinman / Pulp Productions
Stefano DiPaolo / TFC Films
Stefano DiPaolo / TFC Films
Timothy Steinman / Blackout Productions
Allen King / Danger Bay Productions
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New Student
Master Class - Scene Study
Advanced Class - Scene Study
Film and Television Acting for beginners
Actor's Lab/ Director's Workshop
Private Coaching - on going
Acting for Film and Television
Performer's Orientation
Competitive Figure Skater - 12 years exp.
Acting Experience in several University Films
Pro Actor's Lab - David Rottenberg
Vancouver Film School - Mikal Dughi
Vancouver Film School - Mikal Dughi
Vancouver Film School - Mikal Dughi
Vancouver Film School - James Taylor
Bart Anderson
New Image - Char Zorrilla
Vancouver Film School - Douglas Newall
CFSC - Bruno Delmaestro
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Special Skills

Figure skating, Ice hockey, Boxing, Volleyball, Track and Field, In-line skating, Skiing, Hiking, Sky diving, Bungee Jumping, Bartending, and Former Volunteer for the Community Police Station

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Nicole Williams Wedding

Wedding Photography by: Danielle Watling

On the beaches of their favorite lake in Ontario Nicole married her longtime love and soulmate Mackenzie, a firefighter from a small town in Ontario. It was an intimate ceremony on the beach followed by a camping themed reception and week of festivities with a close group of friends.

The happy couple then embarked on the adventure of a lifetime.. A month long roadtrip from Toronto to Vancouver and back with their trailer and two dogs. This would serve as their honeymoon with another wedding reception in BC where Nicole's family currently lives.

"It was truly the best month of my life! I got to camp with my new husband and our fur babies while exploring our beautiful Country. It was beyond perfect and we have the memories to last a lifetime. We will never stop camping.. It's our life and we want to spend as much of it as possible taking in nature's beauty. I feel insanely blessed to live this life."

In Loving Memory of Crystal Kramer

In this photo: Crystal with Kinison as
a puppy.. my two loves :)

Crystal Kramer.. a talented casting director, loving wife, inspiring mother, and true warrior. As the first person to really give me a shot in the business she also became my best friend.. my family.. She taught me how to follow my dreams with integrity and determination.. how to live my life with grace and dignity while appreciating every precious moment.. Everything I accomplish in this business..every dream I get to experience coming true will be in some way because of what she's taught me.. I will forever be a better person because I was lucky enough to be loved by her..

In loving memory
Crystal Kramer
05/16/74 - 02/02/11

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